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Debbie - Stylist

Hello, my name is Debbie, doing hair is something I have enjoyed for many years. Doing shampoo sets, perms and colors is what I enjoy most out of my work and it's what I am professionally known for. My clients normally say how wonderful I am at my work and that I am very pleasant to be around. I look forward to meeting new people and expanding my clientele to show people just what I can accomplish. My co-workers see me as confident, dependable, hard working and dedicated to my job.I love dogs, I have two dogs of my own, Fergie and Sofie and they are like my children. If I was not doing hair, I'm not sure what I would be doing really, maybe enjoying dog shows or car shows or even work in my yard.

"Stylists are friendly and not competitive with each other. Everyone seems to enjoy working there. Roxanna is my favorite, excellent colorist. She does the most natural looking 'blonde'." 

- Liz P., 5 stars via Yelp

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Meet the Staff


Ron - Stylist

Hello my name is Ron, I enjoy making the world a more beautiful place by giving people hair that reflects their inner beauty. My personal motto is “Live life to it's fullest when you can,” because life is short so you may as well get what you can out of it. Everything about my work excites me and I'm known professionally for my short haircuts. I grew up in Seattle Washington, and I like to spend my free time gardening, socializing with friends and making things with my LEGO's. I believe if I wasn't doing hair I would be working for the LEGO company. My clients say that I know how to make them laugh, feel comfortable and at home.

Sara - Stylist

Hello my name is Sara, I'm professionally known for color, it's something I love to do in the salon more than anything else. My clients usually talk about how they like my outfits and fashion sense. I enjoy building friendships with my clients, to me my clients are my friends, it's important to me to have a great rapport. I grew up in Seattle, Washington and still live in Seattle today. Traveling and planning different trips is a great passion of mine and if I wasn't doing hair I would be traveling the world to see everything I possibly could. Going to fabulous restaurants with friends and walking my dog, are how I like to spend my weekend. I would find it impossible to give up my dog, whose name is Paris, and traveling the world.

Jessica - Stylist

Hello, my name is Jessica Cho, the thing that most excites me about my work is making people feel good about themselves. I'm professionally known for my foiling and having great conversations with my clients and co-workers. My clients usually say that I am nice to talk to, do great work and that I am a good person. The main two things I love to talk about are my kids, Alex and Jackson and having fun times with my friends. I love to spend weekends having fun with my family and friends on the lake and Barbequing. I grew up in Mountlake Terrace, Washington and have enjoyed living in the pacific northwest. Working out and coffee I think would be impossible for me to give up because I like to be active and I'm competitive by nature. I love being social and my family and co-workers say I’m a fun person to be around. My personal motto is “just do it” because there is nothing wrong with just trying. If I wasn't doing hair I believe I would be most likely to work with children.

Roxanna - Stylist

Hello I am Roxanna Gustafson, I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know families the most out of my work. Professionally I am known for color, highlighting and cutting curly hair, they are some of my favorite things to do. I also enjoy doing updo's and creating new styles for my clients. My clients say that I'm friendly, fun, creative, and a good sport. My personal motto is “Life is good” we have the ability to shape our lives into what we want them to be as long as we have faith in ourselves. I enjoy listening to Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd, I'm a hippie at heart. I grew up in Tucson, Arizona on a ranch in the desert.  My family is very important to me, they give me great stories to bring to work, especially my grandkids! I love to travel whether its road trips on the weekends or trips to Europe , I love to see new things.

Kerry - Owner/Stylist

I love what I do! Having many many years of experience. I enjoy the many aspects of doing hair. From cutting and coloring to styling, foiling, extensions and smoothing hair, and many other things in between. I can do from simple hair to intricate hair including modern fashion colors. I like making people feel good about their hair, and helping them look their best. I view it as much more than a job. On the side, my family is my joy and a little traveling now and then is a good break.

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